A dye plant garden and a color library with over 150 shades are created with the flora that is cultivated on Capellagården and also plants from the local environment on Öland. Included are dye plants such as vejde, indigo, safflower, dyers coreopsis, marigold and others. The cultivation and construction began in the spring of 2020 in collaboration with the textile and garden class. The purpose is to create an educational dye garden for both students and visitors at Capellagården and to visualize the opportunities that exist in our local environment. Through it illuminate various sustainable dyeing methods to apply to the textile material and also create biological diversity. The project aims to preserve, develop and disseminate knowledge about sustainable dyeing methods and make sustainable textile production methods visible.

“From seed to dye” was initiated and runs by Linda Zetterman. The project started up with in 2020 with support from Nämnden för Hemslöjdsfrågor.

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INDIGO – persicaria tinctoria

Indigo "Persicaris tinctoria"Also called Japanes Indigo is mostly common in Japan. The pigment is extracted from the leaves by using a dry compost and fermentation process called 'sukoumo'. This year we will explore several cultivation and extracting methods and also different dyeing processes using only natural indigo from our cultivation.

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Book release in Sept. 2022

A limited edition of signed "A dyers notes" will be released in September 2022. The project From seed to dye and the book will be exhibited during "Väv 2022" & Capellagårdens harvest feast end of September. More information to come! 

You can pre order your own copy by sending and Email or DM with contact information to

Pls. see posts on instagram for more info! 

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VAU / FÄRGRESEDA - Reseda luteola L.

SORREL / ÄNGSSYRA - Rumex acetosa

Sorrel "Rumex acetosa". This is a common plant in grassland habitats. It is rich in vitamin C and can be used as herb and in sallads. You can dye with both the flowers and the root. The colours can be changed by using different mordants and shift pH. See below; Vau and sorrel in combination with iron, alkaline, acid and copper mordants. The fabrics are dipped in metal and different pH water after dyeing.

Sorrel 'Rumex acetosa"The flowers are dyed together with copper, iron, and bicarbonate.

Test dyeing with different mordants on habotai silk.

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