Sustainable crafted textiles – with trace from the hand

BOOM CRAFT STUDIO Is founded 2020 and 

run by Linda Zetterman and Sara Carlsson.

The studio works with a completely artisanal production of textiles both in their studio in Sweden and in collaboration with artisans in Kutch, India. Together we make limited series of the most beautiful crafted textiles. Deep knowledge and craft traditions are closely related to our textiles and design language. The use of local sourced sustainable materials and organic natural fibers and pigments is part of the vision. As well as reuse already existing textile materials and work for social ethical awareness and full transparency. The whole chain takes place without any intermediaries. The studio in Sweden offers workshops in natural dyeing for both professionals as well as students. The studio also integrates with art projects and aims to create a link in between craftsmanship, knowledge, art and sustainability. Welcome to follow our journey on Instagram @boomcraftstudio

The website will be launched in 2022. 

If you are interested to participate in one of our workshops or collaborates pls. send and Email to:


We work exclusive with natural dyes and pigments

Indigenous Kala cotton dyed with catchu. Yarns that will be hand woven in to beautiful fabrics that 

embraces generations of craft knowledge and history. 

If you are going to use new raw materials, make conscious choices. 

- Make sure to benefit artisanal production, where both farmers and artisans get paid fairly for their work. 

- Use organic fibers and natural sources of pigments.

- Get to know the maker, demand and support transparency in the field of textile! 

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The oldest printing technique in the world


Block printed kimono dyed with natural pigments. Available in Indigo (blue) & Iron (grey/brown). Price SEK 1,000 plus shipping.

Send DM for request.

The fabric is made of organic cotton and has been block printed with clay resist paste and then over-dyed with natural indigo or myrobalan and iron. Each kimono is unique and hand-printed in collaboration with in Ajrakhpur, Kutch, India. The region is known for it’s diverse and rich handicraft heritage. The name Khatri means “He who fills the surface with color”.

Block printing comes with a natural variation on the surface and the plant pigments give vivid shades that change over time.



The kimono is cut and sewn by Babu Bhai in the village of Dhori in the same region. The sewing machine has a central place in the home and Babu, like many craftsmen in India, has inherited the tailoring profession from his father.

Boom craft studio produces handcrafted textiles. We work with natural dyeing methods, organic yarns and fabrics. We believe in long-term relationships, small-scale and transparency. Which is good for both people and the environment.

Read more about our manufacturing and sustainability at @boomcraftstudio