“I have always been fascinated by textiles. Especially old workers' clothes, well used for decades. Washed, mended and cherished with visible traces from the past. Unfortunately, my love for the material has not always been reciprocated and I have struggled to find my own textile landscape by learning sewing, weaving, knitting and nothing seemed to suit either my hands or my rhythm. Until I found indigo and started studying dyeing techniques, old textiles and methods of working with the material. This led me on to explore other dye plants. The freedom and chance that mostly is a natural part of the process, the physical act of harvest and dye matched my hands. I find it intriguing to work intuitively based on the plants' conditions and create pigments and transfer them to textiles.

In this landscape I find my practice now. Playing, testing scales, redoing and gasping when the shades sing together. Now I both weave and sew, but not chained to a loom. I let my hands guide me and neither measure with a ruler nor calculate in advance. For this body of work "In dialogue with colours" I'm dyeing silk fabrics with natural pigments from my own cultivation and creating compositions with the hues from nature that become abstract self-portraits and a visual colour map of my place on earth”.

Linda Zetterman 2022

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